Sperm Donation

Male infertility accounts for half of the cases of infertility problems in couples. Male infertility can be defined as an absence of sperm in an individual or problems in sperm motility, quality etc. In cases like these, it is always a good option to consider a donor sperm for fertility treatment. Even though it seems like a viable option, not many become comfortable with the idea of doing it at first. But, in all cases, it is crucial to know all implications of it beforehand and then make a conscious decision.

What is donated sperm?

Donated Sperm is sperm that is collected from a third party that directly knows the intended recipient or has completed all the formalities and donated the sperm directly to the clinic. In the latter case, the family gets to know the details of the donor but not the personal data of the donor. The couple gets to decide from the many unknown donors on who they want to go with.