Male Infertility

Starting a family is an event that most couples anticipate eagerly. Unfortunately, many couples struggle with infertility issues, which can take the sheen off the experience. More often than not, the common societal misconception when a couple is having trouble getting pregnant is that the woman is the one with problems. This isn’t true – in fact, studies show that male factor infertility is the cause of around 40% of infertility cases!

Male infertility can be caused by hormone disorders, illness,infection, injury to reproductive anatomy, obstruction or sexual dysfunction. These factors can temporarily or permanently affect sperm and thereby prevent conception. Some disorders become more difficult to treat, the longer they are left untreated. Which is why it is important to first make a definite diagnosis of what’s causing your infertility.

At Srushti, our goal is to help you realise your wish of having a child. With over 23 years in the Infertility realm, our experience with both male and female infertility has earned us our reputation as Chennai’s leading infertility centre.

We advocate that both partners get tested for infertility and treat any obstacle that prevents you from realising your dream to become parents. And if male factor infertility is a cause, you can rest assured that our specialistswill find you the best treatment option.