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Having a baby is one of the primary desires in married life. But some couples have difficulty in fulfilling this dream. Advancements in reproductive medicine and techniques have allowed thousands of couples fulfill their family dream.


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We use current best medical evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients. Our care is truly transparent in making all details of the treatment available to you


If you’re looking for personalized IVF Treatment in Guntur, Komali Fertility Centre, is the right choice for you.


In-Vitro Maturation (IVM) is a safe and effective fertility treatment provided in our clinic. It is done as a part of IVF procedure.


Intrauterine insemination is a medical procedure which involves injecting good quality sperm directly.


Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection or ICSI is a procedure in which a single sperm cell is directly injected.

Infertility Assessment

Infertility is defined as the inability to achieve pregnancy after one year of regular, unprotected intercourse.

Embryo/Egg/Sperm Donation

Male infertility accounts for half of the cases of infertility problems in couples.

Freezing/ Vitrification

It is a method where sperm or oocytes or embryos are frozen at extremely low temperature (as low as -196 degree celsius).

Assisted Hatching

Assisted hatching may be recommended for women who have failed IVF or for women over 35.

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We are helping people who are

Having a baby is one of the primary desires in married life. But some couples have difficulty in fulfilling this dream.

Couples Who Cannot Conceive Naturally

Men With Fertility Issues

Couples With Recurrent Pregnancy Losses

Couples Carrying Genetically Inherited Disorders

Cancer Patients Who Want to Preserve Their Eggs

Women Who Want to Freeze Their Eggs

Our Team

Our highly qualified doctors will guide you through the pregnancy trimestres

Dr. Swapna Srinath

MBBS, MS (OBG), FNB | Fertility Consultant & Gynaecology Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy Surgeon

Dr. Lenin

Chief Embryologist

M Praveen Kumar

Junior Embryologist


Nani NaniNani Nani
05:59 03 Feb 22
Am Narasimha Rao fron ganapavaram Dr.swapna Madam is a very friendly doctor and caring we went 2 hospitals before this another doctor reffered dr.swapna mam and after coming here my wife got pregnancy within 1 month such a happy thing and very friendly environment and staff also very good budget is affordable thank youdr.swapna mam
Lashmayya PagadalLashmayya Pagadal
05:59 29 Jan 22
My name is anjamma from dayada ww are trying for children since 10 years we went to many hospitas but no use at all Then our RMP doctor suggested us to visit Dr. swapna madam madam diagnosed our problem and bow am pregnant for twins within 6 months and staff also very good and cooperative thank you madam best centre I can suggest
jyothi jyothijyothi jyothi
08:00 11 Dec 21
Thank you swapna madam now am pregnant for twins and am so happy
Anil KumarAnil Kumar
21:42 02 Nov 21
Dr. Swapna Madam is very supporting,friendly,caring responsible. She gave me good treatment and always give all the information which is needed. Staff is also very supporting, friendly and helpful.Many more thanks to Dr.swapna madam.Finally we got our dream true
First of all I would like to thank Dr. Swapna Madam. We have consulted many doctors before, But we did not find the problem. We saw reviews on Google & Consult Dr. Swapna Madam. Madam diagnosis was very good. She find out the exact problem. Now our dream comes true. Here staff also very cooperative & friendly. If anyone suffering from infertility problem, I strongly recommended to Dr swapna madam.

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