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Komali Fertility Centre

Why Choose us?

  • Evidence based care – We use current best medical evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients
  • Ethical care – We practice with integrity and decisions are based on values with confidentiality
  • Transparent care – our care is truly transparent in making all details of the treatment available to you
  • Individualized Care – We do a complete initial assessment of every patient individually and a tailor made treatment plan is provided.

Having a baby is one of the primary desires in married life. But some couples have difficulty in fulfilling this dream. Advancements in reproductive medicine and techniques have allowed thousands of couples fulfill their family dream.

At komali Fertility Centre, we provide a comprehensive range of advanced infertility treatment services in a caring environment. Our fertility specialists offer honest guidance and answer your concerns.

We present the very best chance of having a baby, whether it is your first attempt at treatment or you have tried but had unsuccessful fertility treatment cycles elsewhere.

We are helping people who are

  • Couples Who Cannot Conceive Naturally
  • Men With Fertility Issues
  • Couples With Recurrent Pregnancy Losses
  • Couples Carrying Genetically Inherited Disorders
  • Cancer Patients Who Want to Preserve Their Eggs
  • Women Who Want to Freeze Their Eggs

Our Team

Dr. Swapna Srinath

MBBS, MS (OBG), FNB | Fertility Consultant & Gynaecology Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy Surgeon

Dr. Durga Prasad B

MS, MCH | Andrologist

Mr. Elanchezhian M

B.Tech (Bio Tech), MSc (Bio Tech) | Embryologist

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