Dietary tips to improve quality of eggs

Nuts &dry fruits:

Nuts are rich in selenium,a mineral that reduces chromosomal damage in eggs.It also acts as antioxidant and reduces free radicals and boosts egg production.

Green leafy vegetables:

Leafy vegetables rich in folic acid &vitamin-C which aids in process of ovulation.It reduces the risk of miscarriage and genetic disorders. Spinach,broccoli,kale,fenugreek to be included in diet.


It contains antioxidant like selenium.It also helps to maintain body estrogen balance, which promotes conception.

Dairy products

These products are rich in calcium,healthy fats and              vitamin-D.Yogurt,butter,full milk is essential in our diet.They nourish the body and helps in conceiving fast.


Raspberries & blueberries are high in antioxidant.They also have high folate & vitamin-C which can help in foetal development.Berries also helps in weight loss.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Salmon, sardines,mackerel fish are with highest omega-3 levels but with low mercury levels. Twice to thrice servings of fish in a week is recommended.Omega-3 fatty acids help in improving egg quality & embryo quality.


Eggs are excellent source of vitamins &omega-3 fatty acids.Consumption of eggs enhances fertility.

Pumpkin seeds&Beans

Pumpkin seeds rich in zinc and promotes blood flow to all reproductive organs.Beans are rich in iron & protein.It helps in production of healthy eggs.


They are high in vitamin-B6,potassium,vitamin-C.It improves egg quality & sperm quality.

Prenatal vitamin supplements

COQ 10, a fat soluble nutrient, a form of mitochondrial energizer which improves egg quality.

Good diet and prenatal vitamins help in improving fertility.